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Gandini Juggling have teamed up with emerging artists Patfield & Triguero to co-produce Gibbon, a poetic celebration of self-awareness and human behaviour.
Premier 2018
Gandini Juggling has teamed up with emerging artists Jose Triguero and Chris Patfield to co-produce Gibbon, a poetic juggling and movement based piece about self-awareness and human behaviour, with a sense of humour and a hint of absurdity.  

Deconstructing the notion of masculinity in a dialogue with the viewer, Gibbon takes inspiration from the work of dance companies like Mangrove, DV8 and also Gandini Juggling and aims to innovate, choreographically and conceptually, by mixing different art forms with juggling, exploring the ideas through a subconscious and visceral approach and using movement and devised theatre tools to create a surreal and touching atmosphere.

Looking closely into male relationships in different contexts like affection, violence, competition or cooperation, the artistic direction of the project addresses some controversial concepts from a comic and lyrical point of view, identifying the boundaries of political correctness and dismantling male gender expectations in society. To further develop this narrative the company will collaborate with creative partners including John Paul Zaccarini who will assist with choreography and direction to explore how physical expression can tell a story and tackle the strong themes of the piece. Other creative partnerships include Sound Designer Fernando Rosined and Costume Designer Rosie Gibbens.  

Patfield & Triguero have completed a first stage of R&D with work-in-progress sharing’s at the Dance Base in Edinburgh and the Cockpit Theatre in London. Initial research was supported through Lab Time2 funding (NCCA and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation). The company has also received residency support from Les Joncailles Centre de Creation (France). This artistic activity will therefore build on the 15 minutes of material already created resulting in a highly accessible 30 minutes piece ready to tour to outdoor spaces.  

Gibbon challenges the traditions of dance by enlarging the chorographical creation to the flying objects; capturing the tension of gravity defiance with the bodies interactions, combining the inevitable speed of an object falling with the slow movement of intertwined arms and hands.
Created for audiences interested in circus, dance and theatre, the project ambition is to make this socially aware and innovative work accessible to people who may not usually see this type of performance. Whilst the piece takes on strong themes, the productions absurd comedy will keep it engaging and accessible to that wide range of audience. This is also helped by its non-verbal, physical storytelling.

The piece will continue Gandini Juggling tradition of producing magical blends of skill with spectacle and invite audiences of all ages into the fascinated world of choreographed juggling.

Please contact info@gandinijuggling for more information.